Event Information

Speed Climbing


Entry Fees

Entry fee
(until July 15)
$25 /participant
Onsite $35 /participant
 Guaranteed T-Shirt Deadline: July 1
 Online Entry Deadline: July 15

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1230 S 31st St. W
Billings, MT 59102

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****Special Notice****

Participants' t-shirts will be available at event site<

    General Guidelines
  1. Wear a cloth mask when spectating. Please bring to competition
  2. Do not compete or spectate if you are sick; stay home and out of public places.
  3. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after competing and/or spectating at an event.
  4. Maintain 6’ physical distancing while spectating.
  5. Some events by their nature do not allow physical distancing; understand the inherent risks of entering this event.
  6. Spectators must wear mask. Please bring your own.
  7. Bring your own water.


Adult Divisions

  • Men's Advanced
  • Women's Advanced
  • Men's Recreational
  • Women's Recreational
  • Youth Divisions

  • Junior [born in 2001 or 2002]
  • Youth A [born in 2003 or 2004]
  • Youth B [born in 2005 or 2006]
  • Youth C [born in 2007 or 2008]
  • Youth D [born in 2009 or later]
  • Special Information

    Olympic Style Course!

  • 2 Lanes (Advanced & Recreational)
  • 3 Attemps per climber
  • **4 pm Start for Youth categories**
    **6 pm Start for Adult categories**

    Climbing shoes and harness will be provided with entry fee.

    Climbers can climb on other climbs in the gym to get warmed up or climb after they have finished competing

    Practice available at Steepworld - day pass or membership required