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Virtual 5K Run


    **New Event**
  • Complete your run any time between March 15 to May 1
  • Run times must be logged by May 6

  • Registration Open
  • December 15 through April 30

  • T-shirts still available!!

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Shape Up Montana

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Entry Fees

Each $20 /participant
 Entry Deadline: May 1
(January 31 to be guaranteed t-shirt)

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Virtual 5K Run

Special Information

  • Shape Up Montana Virtual 5k run (3.1 miles) allows runners and walkers the flexibility of choosing their own time and place to participate.
  • All participants registered for the Shape Up Montana 3-Month Challenge are automatically entered in the Virtual 5K.
  • The Virtual 5K takes place March 15 to May 1 (pick a day during that time frame)
  • Participants can walk or run on a treadmill, in your neighborhood, on a trail, inside the mall or wherever you would like to go. What matters is that you get to walk or run your race, at your own pace and time your race.
  • All participants receive a Shape up Montana t-shirt and bib.
  • T-shirts are still available!.
  • After completion of the walk/run, the time needs to be recorded and a commemorative Shape Up Montana medal will be mailed.

  • FAQs

  • 1. What is a virtual race?
    1. a. A virtual race can be run (or walked!) anytime and anywhere, even indoors on a treadmill.

  • 2. How does a virtual race work?
    1. a. Simply register for the run, complete the distance anytime and anywhere, then record your time on our website.

  • 3. Can anyone participate?
    1. a. Yes, anyone can participate in the virtual run (we encourage everyone to participate).

  • 4. Do I have to participate in Shape Up Montana in order to participate in the virtual run?
    1. a. No, you can do just the virtual run if you like. However, those that register for Shape Up Montana are automatically entered in the virtual run, so if you want to do both you only need to register once.

  • 5. Do I have to complete the entire distance all at once?
    1. a. No. We know that most participants complete their run all at once, but we understand that not everyone is able to complete a 5k distance in one outing. Just keep track of your distance and time for each segment you do and after you have completed the total distance submit your total time.

  • 6. How do I track my distance and time?
    1. a. Our virtual 5k is based on the honor system so you can track your time however you like but keep in mind that the only person you can cheat against in a virtual race is yourself.