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Track and Field


  • Event:
  • Saturday, July 18, 2020
  • Sunday, July 19, 2020


Please refer to our Schedule of Events page for a detailed schedule by day.

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Senior High School
Daylis Stadium
425 Grand Ave.
Billings, MT 59101
(Concessions available onsite)

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Entry Fees

Entry Fee:
(Up to 2 events)
Late Registration:
(After 5pm July 1)(Up to 2 events)
Entry Fee:
(Up to 5 events)
Late Registration:
(After 5pm July 1)(Up to 5 events)
Track & Field Camp:
(Includes entry into BSSG Track & Field)
Track & Field Camp Coaches Fee:
(FREE if 3 or more of your athletes attend)

**You may enter a total of five events if one is a relay. Each member of a relay team must complete an Individual Entry form.

 Online Entry Deadline: July 8
 T-Shirt Deadline: July 1 at 5pm

    additional $4 processing fee for each online and paper transaction

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Daylis Stadium
425 Grand Ave.
Billings, MT 59101

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****Special Notice****

The Big Sky State Games is monitoring the ongoing concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The health and safety of the participants, friends, family members, the community of Billings and Montana are our top priority. We remain optimistic and hopeful that the Games will be held in July.

With the Big Sky State Games not scheduled to begin until mid-July (some events in June), all events are currently planned to proceed at this time but are subject to change as the situation further develops. Please refer to the Big Sky State Games website for updates.

Registration for the Summer Games will open mid April. The Big Sky State Games is following the recommendations and directives of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the state health department/Governor’s Office. We will follow their guidelines in terms of the continuation of events. Should they mandate events be canceled or rescheduled, Big Sky State Games will provide all participants with more detailed information regarding event rescheduling, cancellation, or refunds.

During these unprecedented times, we understand there is a great deal of uncertainty and concern. We all hope that soon we can return to our active and social lifestyles that for many will include sports and recreation activities including the Big Sky State Games. The immediate focus however, must be on keeping your family safe and helping to stop the spread of the virus.

Thank you for patience and your continued participation in the Games.


USA Track & Field Sanctioned

USA Track and Field sanctioned. This event will also serve as the USATF Open and Masters Association Championships in Racewalking and Track & Field. The top adult athletes that are USATF members by July 18, 2020 will be recognized as Montana Association Champions. Age groups are 18-30 (open), and in 5 year increments 31-100 (masters). To be elligible for USATF awards, you must obtain a USATF membership at www.usatf.org.

Special Information

  • Divisions based on age as of day of event, most divided into 5 year age groups.
  • Only track participants and officials will be allowed on the track and field.
  • If you are not preregistered in an event by entry deadline, you may not enter the day of meet.
  • Pyramid spikes up to 1/8 inch are allowed.
  • Starting blocks will be provided and may be used by participants 12 years and older for events up to 400 meters.
  • Participants are expected to bring their own throwing implements. Other athletes can use your throwing implement if you use it in competition.
  • Relays are considered an event. Each member of a relay team must complete a separate registration and specify relay team name.

Concessions available onsite. Bring plenty of shade!!

Throwing Weights & Hurdle Sizes

Please view our Throwing Weights page for a detailed summary of the applicable throwing weights for Shot Put, Discus, Hammer, and Javelin by Gender and Age Group. See the tables below for hurdle sizes.

Male Hurdle Sizes
Age Distance Hurdles Height
8 - 9 80 M 8 30"
10 - 11 80 M 8 30"
12 - 13 100 M 10 33"
12 - 13 200 M 5 30"
14 - 15 110 M 10 33"
14 - 15 300 M 8 30"
16 + 110 M 10 39"
16+ 300 M 8 36"
Female Hurdle Sizes
Age Distance Hurdles Height
8 - 9 80 M 8 30"
10 - 11 80 M 8 30"
12 - 13 100 M 10 30"
12 - 13 200 M 5 30"
14 - 15 100 M 10 33"
14 - 15 300 M 8 30"
16+ 100 m 10 33"
16+ 300 M 8 30"