Event Information

Action Shooting Sports (Pistol/.22 Rifle)


  • Saturday, July 18

  • Schedule

  • Check-In: 8:00am-8:30am
  • REQUIRED Safety Briefing: 8:30am
  • Competition begins: 10:00am

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Other Info

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Blue Creek Sport Shooting Complex
1767 Bender Road
Billings, MT 59101
Directions and map available at www.bluecreeksport.com

State Games of America

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Entry Fees

First Shooting Event: $20/participant
Additional Events:
(Shooting Only)
Late Registration:(after July 1st) $25/event
Additional Events:
(Shooting Only)

*Shooting Fee: $10 shooting fee paid directly to facility onsite.

 Online Entry Deadline: July 15

Participants may register on day of event, admitted if field space allows.

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Blue Creek Sport Shooting Complex
1767 Bender Road
Billings, MT 59101

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Action Shooting Scenarios

Multiple stages of fire-combined times equal total event time.


Shooters will be classified or classed by known ability and as determined Lewis Class breaks. Practice sessions available upon request. Call Andrew at 406-690-9660 to RSVP for practice.


Safe good operation center fire or rim fire cartridge pistols that may be automatic or revolver. Event participants will be entered into one of the following pistol category divisions according to the type of pistol they have, and will compete only against like systems:

Pistol Category Divisions
  • Double action or safe action semi-auto pistols, minimal modifications allowed, only 10 rounds allowed in magazine.
  • Single action pistols (SSP) can be used in ESP if desired. Some modifications allowed, only 10 rounds allowed in magazine.
  • Single action revolver, rimfire or centerfire.
  • Double action revolver, rimfire or centerfire.
  • All standard calibers to prevent harm to metal targets. Excluded caliber examples 357sig, 10mm, 500 sw- If you question if permitted call 406-690-9660.
  • Standard calibers- .22shor- 45acp for autos, .22short-45acp for revolvers “44 special allowed.”
  • Semi auto .22 rimfire only, sharpshooter divisions and up need two magazines
  • Manual action .22 rimfire only
  • Magnums and HMR not allowed
  • Sharpshooter classes and higher required to do reload after 5 rds in semi auto only. Maximum rounds 15 among total magazines.
  • All other classes will start with 10rd capacity except for manual actions that hold less. No reloads permitted except for manual actions that hold less than 10rds.

Rules & Safety

Safety Briefing

A 8:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. safety briefing is required for all shooters before shooting begins.

Cold Range Rules

Rules are per those established at each of the host facility sites. For questions, call the host site location, email the Comissioner, or ask the range/safety officer. Have fun, be safe, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

  • Guns brought to facilities must be unloaded and in a bag. Preference is a separate, small zipper-closed bag holding pistol, without any magazine or ammo in that small bag, or a pouch that can be in a larger bag.
  • No guns out of holsters or bags, unless in safety area or under oversight by a range/safety officer.
  • No guns loaded except under range/safety officer oversight, and then only on the firing line.

Equipment & Categories


Eye and ear protection required. Other requirements for holsters, magazines, concealment, garments, pistol specifications, and pistol classes are available below.

All stages positioned for semi auto firearms with 10 round capacity. Revolvers or lower capacity firearms can be accommodated at range officers discretion however, the time is not compensated for choice of firearm during the scenario.


A strong side holster is required for Sharpshooter classes and higher. Must cover trigger and hold firearm with enough tension to allow normal tasks, without fear of losing weapon. Law enforcement officers may use duty gear. Shoulder, ankle, or crass-draw, and/or Serpa holsters are not allowed due to safety concerns.


No more than 10 rounds loaded per mag. Sharpshooter classes and higher permitted reloads, lower classes 10 rounds only.


Sharpshooter class events and higher are shot from a concealed hip position carry. Any garment that covers the pistol and magazines when the arms are held out at 90 degrees to the sides is acceptable. Concealment garment can be a vest, coat, shirt, etc.