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  • August 22

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Billings Hotel & Convention Center Ballrooms
1223 Mullowney Ln
Billings, MT 59101

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(Until August 1)
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( August 2 - Noon July 21)
Onsite Registration: $40/participant
 Online Entry Deadline: Noon, August 21
 Guaranteed T-Shirt Deadline: July 1

Preregistration encouraged! Onsite registration only after August 21 at noon.

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Billings Hotel & Convention Center Ballrooms
1223 Mullowney Ln
Billings, MT 59101

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Point Fighting Rules

  • General: All sparring is going to be Round Robin for all ages and belt ranks. Sparring events will follow the kata event for that division, within the same ring.
  • Match: 3 points in Round Robin Sparring, One min. (1) time limit. 5 points in the single elimination, Two (2) min. time limit. Only one point will be awarded per technique. The clock WILL NOT STOP whenever action in the ring is stopped, unless the center Referee calls for time.
  • Legal Targets: Head (face, sides, top and back), neck (sides), torso (front, ribs), kidneys and groin.
  • Illegal Targets: Spine, back of neck, throat, legs, joints (elbows, knees, etc.), buttocks.
  • Attacking Tools: Fist, back fist, hammer fist, knife hand, ridge-hand, ball of the foot, heel, foot sword, instep and sole of the foot.
  • Illegal Attacking Tools: Straight-finger, palms, knees, elbows, head, or blind techniques.
  • Control of Technique: For all age groups below adult, only light contact to the body will be permitted, with ABSOLUTELY NO contact to the head. Discretionary calls may be made on brushing contact. No snapping of the head will be permitted. For Point Fighting in the Adult Divisions: Medium contact to the body and light contact to the head and groin will be permitted. No snapping of the head will be permitted in any division. Black Belt fighters will be expected to display control, without excessive contact or injury.
  • Disqualifications and Warnings: Quarreling with any judge, attempting to injure an opponent, drawing of blood, evidence of poor intent (anger) toward an opponent or disrespect to judges will result in immediate disqualification. Excessive contact (redness or swelling) can result in either a minus point or disqualification by the majority decision of the judges. These rules apply also to spectators who display this type of behavior from outside of the ring. Harassment of judges from spectators on behalf of a fighter may result in a minus point to the fighter and, if continued, a disqualification. We do encourage spectators to appropriately cheer their fighters from outside of the ring.
  • Gear: All competitors must wear a mouth guard when sparring. All male competitors must wear a protective cup when sparring (also advised for women). Safety kick and punch equipment is required (so as to cover hands and feet). All Advanced and Black Belt fighters will wear safety kicks that cover the toes. Head gear is mandatory and face cages/guards and additional pads are encouraged.
  • Points: Awarded if a technique is within one inch of the head, and the arm or leg delivering the technique is not at full extension.

Adult Team Sparring Rules

New Event Notes
  • All competitors must be 16 years or older.
  • Each Sparring Team will have 3 Members of any rank or gender with a maximum of 1 Black Belt on a team. Each competitor can only be on one (1) team. THE CENTER JUDGE OF THAT RING HAS THE RIGHT TO MATCH UP THE FIGHTERS FROM THE 2 OPPOSING TEAMS ALLOWING FOR THE SAFETY OF THE FIGHTERS. Each Team Member will fight one complete 30 Second Round. The clock WILL NOT STOP whenever action in the ring is stopped, unless the center Referee calls for time.
  • The team will fight a total of 90 seconds. In the first two fights, it is possible to end the individual match in a tie. There is no 5 point advantage. For example, a pair of fighters could have a score of 8-0. In the event of a tie after time is called in the 3rd and final match, the last pair of fighters that are already in the ring will go to sudden victory to determine which team advances. Total score of all three team members will determine who advances and who wins the division. This is a single elimination division.
  • Team sparring rules, and safety gear are the same as point fighting. Please see point fighting rules above.
Breaking Competition
  • Up to three breaks/stations will be allowed. Competitor will not continue if unsuccessful after ONE try. Competitors must be available to be called at the beginning of competition, and available to set up upon request. All Breakers Must Clean-up and Take Broken Blocks and Boards away from the site. “Clean up your mess”.
Kata, Weapons, Breaking
  • These divisions will be judged by a panel of three to five judges. If five judges are used, the high and low scores will be thrown out. In the event of a tie, these scores will be added back in. If there is a continued tie, forms and weapons competitors will repeat their form, with the judges rescoring the competitor for their second performance. If there is still a tie, the competitors will repeat their kata a third time, with the judges then pointing to the winner. In breaking, judges will consult with the arbitrator if a tie cannot be broken.
Additional Rules
  • Gentle Giant Rule: Any competitor, male or female, who in the view of the officials is so much larger or smaller than the other competitors in that age group so as to constitute an unfair advantage will be required to move up or down to the next level of age. The student, the student’s instructor and/or parents must all agree to the move. In the event that any or all do not agree, the competitor will not be allowed to compete. This rule applies only to sparring.
  • Youth, Adult, and Black Belt State Games Grand Champions: Will be determined by the competitor accumulating the most points in all events entered, kata, sparring, weapons, and breaking. Note: Team sparring does not count towards the award of Grand Champion. Points are awarded as follows: 3 points for 1st place; 2 points for 2nd place; and 1 point for 3rd place. Ties will be broken by who competed in the most divisions, and if still a tie, whom ever won breaking will be the Grand Champion.
  • If only one competitor: If there is only one competitor in a particular division, He/She will be moved to another division of competition with approval of instructor, parent & arbitrator.
  • Round Robin Tie Breaking: Add up total of wins first, Add up total numbers of points second, and who beat who third.