9 Man Flag Football Rules

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  • Saturday, July 18, 2020
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Amend Park
5105 King Ave E
Billings, MT 59101

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Amend Park
510 King Ave E.
Billings, MT 59101

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8 Man Flag Football Rules

The association stresses that these rules were formulated with the idea of personal safety as the most important consideration. Therefore, we emphasize that the rules do not allow any of the body contact techniques associated with regular contact football. There is no hitting, forearms, elbows, shoulders, or hips of any kind allowed. Rules will be strictly enforced! Violators will be held personally and legally responsible for their actions. The rules are based on United States Flag and Touch Football League (USFTL) rules, which are the same as regular contact football with the following exceptions:


  • Games are played on a 45 x 80 yard field.

  • Time

  • 20 minute continuous clock each half, plus 2 minutes of regular football time. Teams have 2 time-outs per half, with the clock stopping during time-outs. Medal rounds will be 25 minute halfs.

  • Format

  • 8 players, but a team may start with 7. Score at the forfeit is 2-0 win.

  • Roster

  • Teams can put a maximum of 15 players on their roster.

  • Equipment

  • No metal cleats of any kind are allowed on the playing field.
  • Team must wear same colored uniform.

  • Kick-offs & punts

  • There are no kick-offs. Ball is placed on teams own 20 yard line at the beginning of the game, start of the second half and after all scores. All declared punts must be announced to the referee.

  • Scoring

    1. 1 point conversion – attempted from the 5 yard line.
    2. 2 point conversions – attempted from the 10 yard line.
    3. On extra point attempts, defense may score if situation allows (i.e. intercepted pass). The scoring teams receive 2 points.
    4. Safety – teams scoring a safety are awarded 2 points. Scoring team regains possession of ball on own 20 yard line.


  • ALL fumbles and muffs (when possession has or has not been made and ball touches ground) are "DEAD" and belong to the team last in possession. (Ball placed at spot that it touches the ground. An untouched snap to the quarter back is spotted at the original line of scrimmage with a loss of down.
  • On a declared punt. a muffed ball by the punter is not dead. Punter may pick up the ball and punt.

  • Offense

  • Formations & Procedures
  • 1. Everyone is eligible to receive passes, laterals and hand-offs.
    2. Offense must have four (4) players on the line of scrimmage at the snap of the ball.
    3. Shifts are allowed.
    4. One man in motion is allowed.
    5. 3 & 4-point stances are allowed.
    6. Direct runs are allowed - A hand-off or pass is not required.
    7. Straight arms are allowed under the following rules: must use an open hand between the neck and waist while avoiding flag guarding rules.


    1. Blocking is with hands open and palms facing opponent and arms extended.
    2. Player must stay on their feet when blocking an opponent.
    3. No chop blocks.
    4. A player may not leave their feet to block an opponent.
    5. No contact of any kind is permitted above the shoulders and below the waist.
    6. No tripping.
    7. Use of hands is permitted by the offense Lineman on pass blocking, hands may be thrust forward. but contact must be inside frame.
    8. No blocking with forearms or elbows.
    9. The runner may not guard flags or run into (charge) a defender.
    10.A runner who has possession of the ball and loses their flag during a play without them being de-flagged by an opponent may simply be touched by a defender.


  • Formations & Procedures
  • 1. Any formation is allowed.
    2. Defense may use hands, but not hold opponent.
    3. Bump and run pass defense is allowed until the ball is thrown. The five-yard bump rule.
    4. The defense may not hold, tackle or push a runner out of bounds.
    5. The defense may strip the ball from the runner or quarterback if, in the judgment of the official, the defender did not commit any foul (holding, roughing or tackling the ball. carrier).
    6. A stripped ball if possessed and controlled by the defense is like an interception and may be advanced by the defender; if the ball touches the ground before control, it is a fumble and is dead where it hits the ground. Possession remains with the runner.


    l. Coin Toss. The winner of the coin toss picks O or D.
    2. Each team will start at the 10 going in to the Goal Line and gets 4 plays.
    3. If the 1st team does not score we will note the yardage they gain. To win the game the other team must out gain the 1st team or score a touchdown.
    4. If the 1st team scores they can choose to go for l or 2 PAT. The opposing team must match the 1st teams point total. If the 2nd team achieves a greater point total the game will be over. If both teams SCORE a touchdown and they match PATs then a 2nd Over Time will be played with the opposite team starting with the ball.
    5. If the game reaches a 3rd Over Time teams MUST go for a 2PAT after a score and game play will continue until a team wins.
    6. Penalties are enforced as normal.
  • Rough and dangerous play will at no time and under no circumstances be tolerated. Game officials will enforce all rules strictly, especially those relating to safety and sportsmanship (Taunting of Teams, players, officials and spectators). If after one warning by the official the manager cannot restrain team/player the official, may forfeit the game.
  • Officials are directed by the League to penalize players (15 yards Unsportsmanlike Conduct) for Loud profanity. Any player penalized for a second Unsportsmanlike penalty will be ejected from the game.
  • Players ejected from the game must leave the playing area (including sidelines) if directed by the official or League Director within 3 minutes.

  • Special Rules

  • Head Referee can overturn calls by the other officials. Verbal abuse of the officials will not be tolerated. The player will be ejected from the game. If conduct persists from the same team, official has the right to declare a forfeit. This applies to fans as well.
  • Fighting will not be tolerated! If one player from your team is involved in a skirmish, he will be immediately ejected from the rest of the game.
  • Trash talking, racial or religious remarks will not be tolerated. Players will be ejected immediately!

  • Ball Carrier

  • Ball carrier can advance the ball, if he falls, unless touched by a defensive player. Receivers must have 1 foot in bounds.

  • Flag Guarding

  • Obstructing the defender access to your flags while running with the ball is a penalty.

  • Diving

  • Diving to advance the ball is illegal (10yd Penalty from the spot).

  • Roughing the Passer

  • Jumping to block a pass is legal. Hitting a Quarterbacks arm is illegal (15 yd penalty). This includes contact by pushing or shoving quarterback after the ball is away. A runner may not lower their head or shoulder or charge a defender.

  • Intenional Grounding

  • Quarterback must be outside the tackles to throw the ball away (Loss of Down, Ball placed at spot).
  • Inadvertent whistles-play is blown dead.
  • No tackling. Any tackle within 10 yards of the end zone or in a "last defender" situation, officials can judge the play a touchdown.
  • No pushing ball carrier out of bounds.

  • Players having altered flags will be removed from the game. Players MAY NOT wear any shorts or sweats that conflict with the visibility of the flags. During play if a flag inadvertently falls off, then the ball carrier will be ruled down by a single hand touching.