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If you have registered with the Big Sky Games website by providing an email address and password within the last year, you are an existing user. If you are unsure, you may attempt to login or attempt to recover your password.

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To register yourself or another individual for an event, you first need to register as a user. As a registered user, you can add/manage participants, events, and payments. You'll also be able to save registrations to manage later.

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Users can register themsevles as participants or on behalf of another individual (eg. a family member).


Participants are individuals that are participating in events. Participants might not necessarily be users unless they've registered as a user.

Team Captain/Coaches

Users that register a team are considered to be the team's coach for their specific team. Coaches can manage the team name and contact information as well as add/manage team players.

Studio Owners

For dancesport stage events, users that register a studio are considered to be the studio's contact for their specific studio. Owners can manage the studio name and contact information as well as add/manage dancers for routines.