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Saturday, July 18 2020
Sunday, July 19 2020

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Entry Fees

Team Fee:
(Up to 10 players)
Late Registration:
(After June 17th)
Add Players*:
(11+ players)
Add/Swap Players*:
(Up to 10 Players)
Free Until July 10th
 Online Entry Deadline: July 1 or until division fills
 T-Shirt Deadline: July 1 at 5pm

*Guaranteed 2 Games. Minimum of 5 and up to 10 players per entry. Each additional player after 10 is $20. Roster changes are subject to approval.

    additional $4 processing fee for each online and paper transaction

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MSU - Billings

1500 N. 27th St.
Billings, MT 59102
Men's Open A, Open B & Masters- Saturday & Sunday
Women's Open A & Open B- Saturday

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Modified Basketball Rules for Big Sky State Games Adult and Scholastic

  1. Scholastic Teams: Divisions are based on the grade players will be entering as of September 2019 (players may play up but not down). Teams subject to disqualification for players in wrong division. Players may not play on more than one team in a division. Games will not be rearranged for players with scheduling conflicts due to play in two divisions.
  2. Teams must be gender specific.
  3. Rosters must be identical to entry form roster. Players must be on roster to play. Bring a typed roster with jersey numbers to competition.
  4. Roster Changes: After registration, you can continue to add/swap players on our website until (1) July 10 and/or (2) you reach the maximum players per entry fee (10 players). Each additional player after 10 is $20. After July 10, all roster additions/changes (including swaps) must be submitted at the event site prior to the first game (during designated times). Onsite additions cost $20 per player, and are subject to approval. Onsite changes/swaps cost $10 (for any number of players).
  5. Two (2) 20-minute halves with running clock except for the final 2 minutes of each half. Clock runs during shooting of free throws except for the final 2 minutes of each half. With a 20-point lead or more, the clock does not stop in the final 2 minutes of each half.
  6. Any team arriving more than 5 minutes after the scheduled start time will forfeit the game unless opposing team agrees to play the game.
  7. Five-minute warm-up, five minute halftime. Bring your own warm up and game ball.
  8. Any overtime required will be two (2) minutes and the clock will be stopped.
  9. Size of basketballs: Scholastic Boys (7-12 grade) and Adult Men regulation 29 1/2” to 30”; Scholastic Girls (3-12 grade), Scholastic Boys (3-6 grade), and Adult Women 28 1/2” to 29”.
  10. Two (2) time outs per game. Additional one (1) time out for overtime. Clock stops during time outs for 1 minute.
  11. A technical foul for unsportsmanlike or disorderly behavior will result in two points for the opposing team and loss of possession.
  12. All other MHSA rules apply to Scholastic Division.
  13. All other NCAA rules apply to Adult Divisions (Men’s and Women’s).
  14. In addition to the rules above, 3rd - 6th grade divisions only:
    • No zone defense allowed.
    • Can press last 2 minutes of the game, unless up by 10 points.
    • 3 pointers count if 3-point line is available.
  15. Adult Teams: Any team with 3 or more players that are currently playing or have played college basketball in the last 5 years must play in the elite division. All teams with professional athletes (played professionally in the last 5 years) must play in the elite division regardless of the number of players per team. BSSG reserves the right to move teams to different divisions.
  16. No Refunds!
  17. Uniforms: Each team member must wear a numbered jersey or T-shirt. Arrive at the site dressed to play.
  18. T-shirts: A t-shirt claim letter will be sent to the team contact. The team contact will need to bring letter to Daylis Stadium on Friday, Saturday or Sunday to pick up shirts.
  19. Volunteers: MUST HAVE A VOLUNTEER FROM YOUR TEAM KEEP SCORE OR TIME DURING YOUR GAME. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Please extend a special thanks to the MOA Officials, timers, and scorekeepers for volunteering their time.
  20. Conduct: Athletes and coaches are responsible for knowing, understanding and following the rules, policies, and code of conduct of their sport. Games organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant from competition in the Big Sky State Games, for the following reasons: false representation, improper use of alcohol and/or drugs, destruction of property, unsportsmanlike or disorderly behavior, rules infraction, or technicals.
  21. In the double elimination tournaments, the IF NEEDED games will be 20 minutes in length. There will be no half time.