Rules and Regulations

DanceSport Ballroom


  • Sat, April 22, 2017


Check in at 8:00 a.m. and competition begins at 9:00 a.m. Award Ceremony following competition.

Other Info


Skyview High School
1775 High Sierra Blvd
Billings, MT 59105

Headquarter Hotel

Bighorn Resort
Phone 1-877-995-8999
ask for BSSG Rate

Entry Fees

Free Style First: $20/first
After First: $3/routine
Spotlight First: $20/first
After First: $3/routine
 Online Entry Deadline:
 T-Shirt Deadline: April 4

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Skyview High School
1775 High Sierra Blvd
Billings, MT 59105

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Rules and Regulations

  • No entries accepted by phone.
  • There is no limit to the number of dances competitors may enter. In the event of a single entry, competitors will still be judged using the current scoring range and will not be considered an automatic 1st place.
  • Amateur age division is determined by the age of the older partner. Pro/Am age division is determined by the age of the amateur dancer. The Professional division does not have skill or age divisions.
  • Spotlight Routine competitors must provide their own music.
    • Spotlight routines should be no more than two minutes and thirty seconds.
    • Each competitor is responsible for submitting their music to the Big Sky Games office by April 4, 2016.
    • All music MUST be pre-edited, named appropriately, and provided in an .mp3 format to help minimize any issues during the event. Music files (.mp3) may be saved to a USB flash drive and mailed to Big Sky Games (which will also be used as a backup at the event) or can be saved to an online cloud service (such as DropBox or Google Drive) with the URL provided to
    • USB flash drives are preferable; any music provided on CD or any other format will need to be converted at a cost of $2/song.
    • Any media provided will be available immediately after the event for pickup.
    • Please test all of your songs before you submit them.
    • Please label music in the following manner: Names of Dancers, Event, Song Name.
    Mail Flash Drive/CD to the following address:
    Big Sky State Games
    Attn: Ballroom
    Box 7136
    Billings, MT 59103
  • Competitors who dance steps of a level higher than the level of their event may be disqualified.
  • Decisions by the judges are final.
  • This is a family event; sexually explicit dance, music or dress will not be tolerated. Sportsmanship is expected at all times.
  • Competition fees are non-refundable.
  • Big Sky State Games and its employees, volunteers and sponsors cannot be held responsible for personal injury or loss of property.
  • Contestant(s) will be judged on these 4 factors:
    1. Technique: (style, ability, footwork, lead and follow)
    2. Presentation: (poise, presence, expression, showmanship, personality, appropriate dress)
    3. Execution: (precision, rhythm, timing, continuity)
    4. Choreography: (creativity, quality, originality)
    Each factor is worth 5 points. Points are awarded based on each judge’s standards. Contestants are not judged by comparison to other contestants. The Scoring Range is: 10-13 total points = Bronze, 14-18 total points = Silver, 19-20 total points = Gold. The judging panel consists of 4 judges. The judges rotate throughout the event so there are 3 judging at all times and 1 providing additional comment. Overall score is based on an average of the 3 scorecards. A judge will remove him/herself from the panel if they have current students participating in the dance. In the event 2 judges must step out, the Commissioner will fill in as a temporary judge. Judges scorecards will be mailed to the dancers after the event.
  • Medals not picked up at the awards ceremony may be picked up at the Big Sky State Games office in Billings after the Games.
  • Lifts, drops and throws are allowed only for those competing in the Pro/Am and Pro categories with a skill level of Intermediate and/or Advanced.