Athletes of the Year

2017 Big Sky Games Athletes of the Year

The Big Sky State Games 2017 Athletes of the Year are Kamber Kelly-Brodock of Billings and Dave Winslow of Billings. Youth Athlete of the Year is Hailey Poole of Worden. The Big Sky State Games Team of the Year is "Rio Grand Casino/Bud/Pepsi/Midland Implement/Dale Construction" a Softball Team from Billings. These awards are designed to recognize individuals who best personify the ideals of the State Games movement: participation, sportsmanship, effort, and positive attitude.

Kamber Kelly-Brodock

Kamber Kelly-Brodock, has been playing volleyball for over 25 years and participating in the Big Sky State Games for 20 of those years. In the last five years, she has won 9 Golds and one Silver in the Women's Open, Co-Ed and Doubles Volleyball.

The Kelly last name is a household name in Volleyball. Kamber Kelly-Brodock was an outstanding volleyball player from Roundup High School and Montana State University along with her sister Kandace. Their mom, Laurie Kelly, was the high school coach at Roundup High School for over 19 years and the Rocky Mountain College head coach for the last 9 years.

The hours spent in the gym watching practices, entertaining themselves on the gym stage at Roundup High School and shagging balls translated into a combined five Class B volleyball championships from 1998-2002 while playing for their mom Laurie Kelly, numerous individual awards and standout collegiate careers at Montana State. Kelly-Brodock was on three of the state championships and one second. She received 3 MVP awards and was Volleyball Gatorade Play of the year in 2001. She started all four years at Montana State University and was the Big Sky Conf. Freshman of the Year, Honorable Mention All Conf (2001-2003), 1st team All Conf. 2004, 2nd All Time Assists Leader at MSU (1st with Rally Scoring), 4th All Time Digs Leader at MSU.

"It's such a big part of me and my life," Kelly-Brodock said. "I got my education on a volleyball scholarship and everything I have today is because of that education."

Kelly-Brodock recently played in the National Women's Tournament in Minnesota winning a 5th place finish in the Womens A Division. She continues to play league volleyball throughout the year and looks forward to the Big Sky State Games. She was on the Team Chase Co-Ed team that was selected as the Big Sky State Games Team of the Year in 2016. Kelly-Brodock also gives back to the sport. She is an assistant coach with Rocky Mountain College volleyball team and volunteers during the Big Sky State Games with her mom, Laurie, running the women's and co-ed volleyball tournament.

Dave Winslow

Dave Winslow of Billings has been participating in the State Games for 32 years. He has bowled in 31 Big Sky State Games and played softball in one State Games. Since 2001, he has earned 12 Gold, 3 Silver and 6 Bronze medals in Bowling.

Winslow is a member of the city bowling Hall of Fame and was on the city's "Dream Team" when Billings hosted the national tournament in 2002. In 2017, Dave was inducted in the State of Montana Bowling Hall of Fame for his outstanding contribution to the sport of bowling.

Winslow, an optician, has (21) 300s and (6) 800s on his bowling resume. Two of those 300s came in 2011 in the same month.

In a rare feat that is likely a first for Billings, Winslow and his son Damon both rolled perfect games of 300 in the 2011 bowling season and also put together remarkable three-game series totaling 800 pins or better. The Winslows' 300s came about a month apart, while just two days separated their 800s. Those are two of the most cherished honor scores sought by league/tournament bowlers.

Winslow stated, "I'd like to say the highlight of my bowling career is being in the Hall of Fame and being recognized by your peers, but that's shadowed by your kid having the same interests you do and being successful," Dave said. "It's awesome. I love it. I love him being competitive with me because it just means something to me. It's just cool."

Hailey Poole

Hailey Poole has been involved in the Big Sky State Games since the age of 10. She has competed in Track and Field, Volleyball and Swimming in the Big Sky State Games. Track and Field is her dominate sport earning 11 Gold, 8 Silver and 2 Bronze. She broke her own BSSG Javelin record in 2017 with a throw of 147'. She also was a recipient of the 2016 Big Sky State Games Character Counts Scholarship.

Knowledgeable and immersed in the nuances of the event, Poole has been throwing the javelin since the age of 3, when her father purchased her a turbo javelin. "Some people say I put a javelin in her crib. It was close," joked John, who is also the Red Devils' throws coach and was also Hailey's coach in volleyball at Colstrip.

Poole signed on to throw the javelin for the University of Minnesota, sending the three-time Class B state javelin champion to Minneapolis to compete at the college level. Poole ranked No. 2 in the nation for high school girls javelin last spring, having thrown 158', 9". "Honestly, when it's effortless as it comes out of your hand," Poole said of knowing when it's a good throw. "Everything is just right. You're intense and loose at the same time," Poole stated.

She is the state javelin champion three times in Class B and threw for Colstrip for three years before moving to Huntley Project. She's currently holds Montana High School Association All-Class Girls' Javelin record with a throw of 152' 8" from her junior year at state. She also is the Class B discus champion for the past 2 years and has second and third places the last two years in the shot put. In addition Poole is an outstanding volleyball player and was on the second place Huntley Project Class B team and selected Class B All State First Team.

Team Rio Grand Casino/Bud/Pepsi/Midland Implement/Dale Construction

John Weber and his teams have brought home quite a few medals since 1989, 14 to be exact. The roster varies from year to year, but the majority of the athletes have been about 40-50 years old over the years.

2017 Team of the Year members include Aaron Reidenberg, Chris Cutright, Cory Wolff, Jon Knaub, Mike Dotson, Mitch Petty, Pat Scott, Rob McDonald, Robb Vann, Scott Walker, Scott Schmidt, Tanner Wolff, Tim Reichenberg, Vern Pallett, and Wes Stahl. John Weber has helped coordinate the team (coaching or playing) since the first State Games in 1986, and has coached the team for the last three years.

Past Winners

*Indicates National Athlete of the Year
Year Name Sport
2016 Female: Mary Owen Road Race
Male: Jim Wright Armwrestling
Youth: Colter Barnett Ice Hockey, Triathlon, Cycling
  Team: Team Chase Co-Ed Volleyball
2015 Female: Bobbi Knudsen Basketball
Male: Al Vietz Road Race
Youth: Torie Jamieson Karate
  Team: NAPA Flag Football
2014 Female: Robin Hanel Road Race, Track & Field, Cycling, Triathlon/Duathlon
Male: Brendan Murray 5k Road Race, 10k Road Race
Youth: Shea Esp Swimming, Dance, Volleyball, Track & Field
  Team: Rocky Mountain College Battlin' Bears Adult Volleyball
2013 Female: Jen Reiter 5K Road Race, Biathlon, Triathlon, Volleyball 6-on-6, Volleyball Grass Doubles
Male: Bryan Brosious Triathlon, Road Race, Swimming, Cycling
  Youth: Ethan Harder Swimming, Team Triathlon
  Team: Dinosaurs of Doom Adult Co-Ed Soccer
2012 Female: Anita Rawlinson Road Race, Track and Field, Arm Wrestling and Swimming
  Male: Ken Cottrell Swimming, Cycling 25 mile, Triathlon, Track & Field
  Youth: Megan Sweeney Shooting Rifle Pistol
  Youth: Hayley Moen Track & Field
  Team: Northeast Montana Boys 11th/12th Grade Basketball
2011 Female: Lisa Minnehan Road Race
  Male: Cecil Pegram Cycling, Road Race, Triathlon, Ballroom Dancing
  Youth: Keegan Kampschroer Swimming
2010 Female: Iona Stooky Volleyball
  Male: Steve Mysee Cycling (Mt. Bike & Road Race), Triathlon, 5K Road Race
  Youth: Zach Holmes Archery
  Team: Sure Shank Reception Volleyball
2009 Female: Kristen Holland Fencing & Road Race
  Male: Lorn Welch Dance Sport Ballroom
  Team: GDR Flag Football
2008 Female: Marlene Tetrault Road Race, Tennis, Swimming, Cycling, Triathlon
  Male: Garth Kallevig Handball
  Team: Montana Hoops Girls 9th & 10th Grade Basketball
2007 Female: Denby Gardiner Swimming
  Male: Alan King Road Race, Track & Field
  Team: Karma Flag Football
2006 Female: Sarah Graves Road Race, Cycling, Triathlon, Biathlon, Track & Field
  Male: Bryon Johnson Armwrestling
  Team: Res Gestae "Things Done" Softball
2005 Female: Pat Jaffary Road Race
  Male: Lewis Elliot Road Race, Cycling, Triathlon
  Team: Onyx Soccer
2004 Female: Jen Allen Track & Field
  Male: Duane Cole Road Race
2003 Female: Jennifer Drinkwalter Triathlon, Cycling, Road Race
  Male: Dan Berry Cycling
2002 Female: Renee' Coppock Cycling, Road Race
  Male: Charles Jannings Track & Field
2001 Female: Laura Esp Swimming, Cycling, Road Race, Triathlon
  Male: Tony Banovich Road Race
2000 Female: Kathy Aragon Cycling, Road Race, Track & Field
  Male: Alfred Funk Track & Field
1998 Female: Sue O'Connell Karate
  Male: Trent Hartl Swimming
1997 Female: Cass Bauer Basketball
  Male: Dave Coppock Road Race
1996 Female: Debbie Magilke Road Race
  Male: John Collins Archery
1995 Female: Marjorie McLean Swimming
  Male: Lonn Saunders Shooting
1994 Female: Exel "Ekkie" Wedul Road Race
  Male: Glen Kapitzke Shooting