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Saturday July 16, 2022


  • Saturday July 16
  • Check-In Begins: TBA
    TKD All Coaches, Brown/Black Belt Competitors Meeting: TBA
    Opening Ceremonies: TBA
    TKD Brown/Black Belt Forms Competition:
    TKD White/Blue Belt Forms Competition: NEXT
    Sparring Competition (starting with White Belts): NEXT
    Brown/Black Belt Sparring: NEXT


    Huntley Project HS Main Gym
    1477 Ash St
    Worden, MT 59088
    (25 miles East of Billings, MT)

    Entry Fees

    First Event: $35 per participant
    (up to 3 events)


    Online Registration Deadline: TBA
    Guaranteed T-Shirt Deadline: July 1

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    T-Shirt Pickup:

    T-shirts can be picked up during check in at the event location.

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    Local Accommodations

    Welcome to Billings, Montana

    Participants are responsible for securing their own lodging arrangements. The Big Sky State Games encourages all participants to make arrangements early. The hotels and campgrounds listed below support and contribute to the Big Sky State Games. Please contact them for your Big Sky State Games lodging. Ask for the BSSG Rate.

    Major Sponsors / Sports Sponsors

    KOA Kampground

    Major Sponsor
    547 Garden Ave.
    Billings, MT 59101

    Billings Hotel and Convention Center

    $94.00 plus tax and that includes a full hot breakfast each morning!
    Use Code: BSG21

    Sport Sponsor
    1223 Mullowney Lane
    Billings, MT 59101

    Boothill Inn

    Sport Sponsor

    242 East Airport Rd.
    Billings, MT 59105

    Rules & Regulations
    Divisions for TaeKwonDo & Judo

    Divisions determined the day of the event based on age, size and belt rank. 13 year olds and under divisions may be mixed gender


    Will follow modified IJF rules with junior safety medical rules. 2 minute matches for Juniors. 3 minute matches for all others

    Free Sparring

    Free-sparring includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    • The competition will conform to the standard modified single elimination format with three 60 second rounds for all competitors.
    • Contact will be controlled and points will be awarded only for legal, controlled, accurate punching and kicking techniques to legal target areas.
    • Kicking to the head will be permitted for green belt and above for all ages; however, kicking will be controlled and only minimal contact will be allowed. Head kicks will score 2 points and turning/spinning head kicks will be awarded 3 points. Excessive, willful or careless contact, whether it results in injury, or not, will be penalized in accordance to consultation with the Tournament Director.
    • Kicks to the body with the proper technique, foot placement and proper amount of force will be awarded 1 point. Spinning/turning body kicks will be awarded 2 points. 1 point will be awarded for a solid punch to the body.
    • All competitors shall provide for the following safety equipment: headgear, mouth guard, chest protector, forearm guards, shin and instep guards, and groin cup (males) and clean uniform.
    • The 20 point superior rule will be used (after 2 completed rounds). If there is a tie score after regulation, the first competitor to score in overtime will be declared the victor.
    • All rings will be matted and electronically scored. Age 11 and under, White and Blue Belts, may compete on a 6m x 6m competition area. all penalties will be penalized Gamjeun.
    Forms - Singles Forms

    Divisions for “singles” forms will be drawn based on rank and/or age. All forms will be recognized. Competitors should perform the form appropriate to their rank. Competition will commence two people at a time on each mat area.

    Board Breaking - Open to All Ages and Ranks
    • Competitors can choose the type of techniques and number of boards to break.
    • The maximum set-up time is 1 minute.
    • The maximum time to complete the performance is 1 minute.
    • The maximum number of tries for a specific break is 2 tries.
    • Competitors must provide own boards (for sale at venue for $3 each) and board holders.
    Scoring Guidelines

    Difficulty of Technique will be based on the following order of superiority (in ascending order):

    1. Hand Technique (least difficult)
    2. Standing kick technique
    3. Jump kick technique
    4. Kicking technique with spinning motion
    5. Jump kick with spinning motion
    6. Multiple breaking jump kick
    7. Multiple spinning jump kick (most difficult)

    Difficulty of Breaking will also be based on the number of Boards.

    1. Number of boards held at one time.
    2. Total number of boards in performance.
    3. Technical evaluation will be based on Accuracy, Speed, and Power.
    4. Breaking on the first attempt is superior to breaking on the second attempt.